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Don’t let your competitors steal a march on you. Search Focus has the SEO knowledge to keep you ahead of the game. Using the latest and most effective SEO software on the market, Search Focus can propel your rankings to the top of the search engines.

What Search Focus can do…

  • Discover your competitors backlinks.
  • Discover your competitors content.
  • Setup alerts for the latest mentions of their brand.
  • Analyse their websites source code for hidden SEO elements.

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SEO Wigan

The number one question from many people is ‘what is SEO?’. There are still a sizeable amount of people out there that have not even heard of this treasure of an online digital marketing technique called SEO.

When somebody types in ‘SEO’ it stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, which is promoting your website on the search engines when somebody types in a search query relating to your small business or product in the Wigan area.

Why reach out to future customers when they can come looking for you? This is precisely what a SEO agency is, it is an inbound online marketing technique where people type into Google, Bing or Yahoo a search query looking for your product or service, and finding your website on the first page.

It is a far less aggressive approach than outreach marketing techniques such as cold calling, social media, and email marketing. It is our job to get you onto the first page using a variety of independent SEO techniques we have been gathering since 2002.

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You might wonder just how much SEO will cost you? The good news is we are quite flexible. We can work around an affordable budget that works for you.

We do not set ‘SEO packages’. Every local business has their own needs. We can work around your budget to keep your SEO costs affordable to you. We believe with a passion that we can grow stronger together. Let us show you what we can do first and if you want more, then we can talk further.

  • Rolling monthly payments.
  • No hidden SEO costs.
  • Realistic targets.
  • We invest a percentage of your budget back into your website.

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SEO Agency Wigan

Wigan SEO Consultant Frequently Asked Questions…

How much does my SEO cost?

Again that can vary, but we can put together for you affordable SEO Wigan that will suit your monthly Internet marketing budget. Different industries cost different amounts, as some industries are more competitive than others.

We have worked with personal injury solicitors SEO and we also work with SEO for e-commerce websites that sell various products, so the level of competition is different so the price will vary for their internet marketing.

What we will do is offer you a free SEO quote fair to your industry, but we do not offer £100 per year SEO campaigns like many companies still do because it just doesn’t work like that. We have to spend money on your website, and that will come out of your SEO budget.

How long will my SEO Service take?

Again it depends. The more you can afford to spend on the cost of SEO in Wigan, the longer we can spend on your website per month.

The difference between £400 and £4,000 per month is phenomenal, because a chunk of your £4,000 will be spent wisely by us on your website, so we are investing it into your website and businesses future. We are spending your money for you because we know the best places to do it.

Do you offer local SEO?

Yes, of course. Your local SEO strategy will be built into your monthly SEO campaign, meaning we can manage and maintain your Google My Business listing for you.

How many Wigan Search Engine Optimisation experts does it take to work on my website?

Well, that depends on the requirements. For instance, if you are an e-commerce store and you have populated the store yourself, then there could be duplicate content throughout the website, so each product, or at least every category, needs to be created using SEO content in order to get the very best from your store.

The bigger the store, the bigger the job of rewriting the content will be. We will let you know with our free SEO audit report. Smaller SEO projects can be looked after by one Wigan SEO professional, but larger projects will require more than one SEO company in Wigan.

Do you tie us into any SEO contracts?

No, but we ask that you commit to the project. Search Engine Optimisation takes time, and it is important for the client to remember that search engine results are not instant. It is very hard to predict a finishing date for a marketing project as each one differs. We take month on month payments, but we also offer discounts to clients that sign up for 6 or 12 months at a time.

Do you offer Wigan SEO services and Is SEO dead?

Yes, we can do a consultancy service if you wish to train in-house. Is SEO dead? Definitely not – This is something we read online time and time again. It is usually something that is mentioned when somebody runs out of ideas or just cannot get a grasp of the industry.

Some people don’t understand the industry, so when it moves on, as it does (such as algorithm updates), they lack the ability to adapt to or find new ideas and techniques because of a lack of understanding of the search engines and how they function.

Our SEO specialists are different and are educated using effective SEO techniques, the white hat way, and not black hat way.

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Last words from us…

SEO services have changed. Being on page 1 for your chosen keyword will not bring you the pot of gold you think it will. Look at the bigger picture. We always ask clients to judge us on results, telephone calls and email leads, and try to take their focus away from keywords.

Search Focus go after your industry’s bigger keywords, but that is not all we target. For every keyword there are hundreds of keyword combinations and variations that you may miss out on. We have the experience to acknowledge that this is the best way forward for your business, giving you the best ROI from your Wigan SEO Company.

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