5 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Followers on Twitter

Are you a newcomer to Twitter and are trying to gain more followers? Or have you been a longtime user but still can’t crack the code on getting loyal followings? Well, then I have made this simple and easy 5 step guide that will allow you to acquire quality, loyal followers.

Your Tweets Suck (Or Unimportant)

This happens to most first time Tweeters. Most of them don’t know that there is a difference between Twitter and other social networks. Twitter is a messaging system that allows you to communicate with others in under 140 characters and they will see this and won’t even attempt to break the limit, this is where problems occur most often. If another person comes across your Twitter profile and sees that all you tweet is that you’re “taking the trash out” or “sitting on the couch” then they are going to be uninterested in you and your profile and they will not follow you. Try to fill out those 140 characters with as much information as you can, and don’t waste it. One way to show that you present quality content is when you post links to websites that you find interesting or useful. This topic I will further talk about in Step 2.

You Don’t Link

Say you have come across a website that has good legit content and you find it interesting, well then tweet about it. This is probably one of the best ways to produce distinctive followers. Links on Twitter stick out like sore thumbs, and they are everywhere. Now when posting these links, try to use a service like bit.ly or tiny.url to hide your link so that other users will have the incentive to click on the link to see the web page. Sales and deals are also good things to post on Twitter as well because users are always looking for them. Also, try to post links that you yourself think are interesting and not just interesting towards others.

You’re Anti – Social

It is best to post at these once or twice a day on Twitter just to show that you are being active. If your last posts have been a couple of months ago then users are going to believe that your profile is a spammer or fake account.

Don’t include #hashtags

Hashtags are almost a secret to tweeters out there and are rarely used but they help share your content with more people. When you are posting a link, say its about marketing, at the end of the tweet you would put #marketing and then when you tweet the message, it will be put with the rest of the tweets out there that have #marketing in them. So this means people will be able to see your tweet without actually having to look at your profile.

Not @replying on other Tweets

Be friendly. This is the quickest possible way of showing that you care for your followers. Treat them the way you would want to be treated. Followers like it when you reply asap, so do so, every little bit counts. Also, comment on others posts saying positive things about their selective choices in tweeting certain subjects, and they may find you gratifying and sincere and may check out your profile and follow you.

That’s it. They are my 5 reasons why you are not getting followers and how you can improve on them. Whether or not you receive more followers from this advice, don’t be discouraged. Getting followers can be tough especially when you are not famous or are new to social networks and media. It can only get better as it goes on.