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I am currently accepting guest posts on this websites blog so if you want to submit an idea to us then please email info [at] seoroi.co.uk. Please do your homework before you submit as I want a diverse range of topics. There are some guidelines below. I am not super strict but I would like it if there was a bit of effort that goes into the post.

  • I do prefer ‘how to’ articles coupled with descriptive images. Please send over your post in a html format or a Word document.
  • Keep the topic ideas aimed towards online marketing.
  • I will accept articles 700+ words that are properly formatted, and will allow 2 outbound links that are not self serving and will serve the post well, and I will include a link in your bio profile. Make sure the 2 outbound links in the article link out to highly relevant content and not to low quality blog with spammy backlinks, such as those that are sold on Fiverr. Your post will get rejected instantly.
  • Along with 2 links in the body, if there are other posts on SEO ROI that are of a similar theme then please deep link through to those too.
  • I will only accept high quality original posts and not posts that were rewritten in 20 minutes from a reconstructed post. If I do not think that the post suits what we are looking for then I will email you back and let you know that it has been rejected.
  • Send me a headshot for your bio and 2-4 sentences about yourself along with your website URL. I will not change the URL or the content of the bio, it will be there indefinitely. We will allow you to deep link from your bio URL to a relevant page on your website providing the content is not too similar (see about rehashed stories).
  • Finish the article with an engaging question asking for opinions, which will help to engage people to join in the conversation.
  • If I start to receive too many posts then I will let you know your scheduled post date.
  • Any work that you submit to SEO ROI becomes the property of SEO ROI once it is published, and we do not allow you to republish the post anywhere else. However, if you would like to review your post on this website, such as maybe you think you could improve it, then send us an email with your edited post and we will update it for you if we think it is an improvement.
  • We only allow one edit per quarter.
  • Once your post has been published we would appreciate if you would shout out about it on all of your social media platforms.
  • If you post good posts consistently then we would consider making you a regular poster with your own user account.
  • If you would also like a guaranteed post with a dofollow link then we do accept paid articles, £30 per guest post written by yourself, and a permanent link as long as the content stays unique to this website. Please get in touch with your URL, I will not allow this website to link out to spammy sites.

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