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Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce businesses are spreading beyond simple B2C and B2B shopping portals. The large spread of traditional street shopping mode is now shifted to online shopping mode. Even user experience is the key factor in gaining a competitive edge, but only well designed online storefront can’t work for you, online promotion required. We are at Search Focus taking measures to assist your website by improving its visibility in engine with best ecommerce SEO services in UK.

What Exactly SEO for E-commerce is?

SEO refers to the term “Search Engine Optimisation”. Ecommerce or e-commerce SEO is optimising the internal and external aspects of an online retail store website to improve its ranking for a vast amount of keywords in search engines. The amount of keywords is depends on several categories and number of products.

How your Ecommerce Business is Benefited with SEO?

We will discuss this by considering one example, suppose you are having an online clothing shop with multiple brands products. Consider any of the products has Google monthly search volume of thousands then if you ranked top for that product related keyword in search engine you might reach up to that 10 million people. This way you can make more with ecommerce SEO.

What Makes your Ecommerce Website more successful?

SEO for e-commerce is difficult than normal optimisation techniques. We have to concentrate on URL structure, unique product page content it can’t be duplicate with another product page, image optimisation, use of social media and not last but most important, the design of your landing page. We are an expert SEO agency in all e-commerce platforms and always work to cover all.

Our Strategies

  • Boost traffic, leads, and sales to new heights!
  • SEO experts will create a tailor made SEM marketing strategy guaranteed to bring more traffic to your website.Make the Most of Business Directories in Your Local Area!
  • Ecommerce SEO experts will place your company in all local business directories to boost your visibility.

We design our mobile SEO strategies to maximise your website for mobile users

The world lives, works, and plays on a host of mobile devices and if your website is not optimised to work with the latest mobile search engine bots such as Googlebot and Googlebot-Mobile and their newest Googlebot-Mobile tailored for smartphone users, you are falling behind the curve. With over 15% of all searches now done on some form of mobile device, our SEO specialists will optimise your site to ensure the mobile crawlers and your customers can find you.

Our Team of SEO Professionals Will:

  • Optimise the Content on Your Site for All Major Search Engines
  • Optimise Your Website for all Google Search Bots
  • Optimise Your Meta Tags
  • Optimise Your Current XML Sitemap
  • Optimise Your Canonicalisation
  • Optimise Your Site’s Architecture
  • Optimise the Use of Robots.txt on Your Site
  • Optimise the use of Google Analytics on Your Site
  • Provide You With the Best Tools Any Webmaster Could Ask For

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