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Freelance Facebook PPC Advertising

Looking for more exposure for your business page or website on Facebook?

Facebook boasts the biggest user base on the Internet, so of course you feel it would be worthwhile to tap into that user base for your business. Facebook Pay-Per-Click marketing (PPC) will allow you to spend the budget that you wish to in order to send targeted clicks to either your business website or Facebook business page, in order to generate sales or page likes.

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Facebook costs can accumulate very rapidly if your campaign is not managed correctly, or you could simply target the wrong audience, which means you would be wasting your Facebook PPC marketing budget. Facebook advertising is great for bricks and mortar shops as it connects you to your local community, your potential customers, who may be interested in your products and/or services. However, you may find that you are so busy trying to run your shop that you do not have the time for the management of your Facebook marketing campaign. This is where we can help…

  • A solid Facebook PPC marketing strategy with more than fair rates.
  • We monitor the day-to-day running of your Facebook page, sending more attention to your Facebook page or providing clicks to your website.
  • We make sure we perform the best practices within the Facebook PPC guidelines.

What is Facebook?

This might sound like a silly question to ask, but there are still people out there that have never heard of Facebook, or have briefly heard somebody mention it. Facebook is a social media platform that allows people to connect from all corners of the world. It was created by Mark Zuckerberg and launched in February 2004. It very quickly became an Internet sensation and rose to the very top of the pile to join a few elite companies that dominate the Internet in terms of users/traffic. Facebook joined Google and Youtube to make the top 3 websites in the world. Media reports say that Facebook toppled Google to become the worlds most popular website, but since then Google has retaken the top spot. That is the height of your marketing campaign and that is why more and more businesses are taking Facebook PPC seriously.

Are Facebook Ads PPC?

Yes, Facebook has sponsored adverts called PPC (Pay-Per-Click). They can either send more likes to your Facebook page or more clicks to your website. The prices varies depending on your industry and how much competition there is. The more competition there is, the more likely you will be paying a higher price per click.

Does Facebook PPC Work?

Only is you target the correct audience. It works better if you have something to offer new Facebook fans, such as a discount if they quote Facebook, or a discount to people who like the page. Incentives are something that should be considered.

Can you create a Facebook page for me and manage it?

We can create a Facebook page for you but we do not offer post management, we only offer PPC management. We believe that as a business owner it is up to you to connect with your potential customers, and that your Facebook page has to have a personal feel to it. After all, that is what Facebook is all about, connecting with people.

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