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SEO Berkshire

Search Focus Ltd are digital marketing consultants with over 17 years’ experience with Berkshire SEO Services, working with businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries, including e-commerce sites, financial comparison, investments, travel, business property and home and garden.

Technical SEO Berkshire

A technical SEO audit will help to highlight issues with your website that could prevent it from performing properly in the search engines. The SEO report will provide you with an explanation of each of the issues found, along with a set of prioritised recommendations to help rectify these issues.

Content SEO Berkshire

A SEO content audit can help to identify on-page SEO content issues, content gaps and missed opportunities, allowing you to ensure that your pages are fully optimised for search, without hampering your efforts. We also offer a Keyword Research service to ensure that you’re targeting the right keywords.

Backlinks SEO Berkshire

As Google’s algorithms are constantly developing, SEO has moved on considerably in recent years, so if it involved you in link building in the past, it’s likely that they could cause you more harm than good. We design the backlink audit to identify and clean up low quality links that point to your website.

What is a Technical Audit?

While your website may appear to be functioning properly on the outside, it’s very likely that there are issues behind the scenes. There are lots of things to consider helping your websites visibility in the search engines–a technical audit is carried out to look under the hood of your website, carrying out several checks to ensure everything is as it should be and identifying issues that may prevent the search engines from accessing and indexing your pages properly.

Why do I need a Technical Audit?

The technical audit provides you with a list of actionable tasks that can be either passed on to your developer, or sometimes can be added as an extra service.

Whether you’re new to SEO and need help to identify opportunities that will boost your site’s visibility and detect issues, or you already have in-house or agency SEO capabilities, but you want to run an external set of eyes over the site to ensure that they haven’t missed anything, we can help.

What other services do you offer?

We also provide content audits to analyse the content on your web pages and identify issues, and highlighting content gaps and opportunities to widen the net by ranking your pages against a wider range of keywords. We achieve this through keyword research to identify the search terms that your audience use in order to target the right keywords, focussing on those that attract high search volumes, and longer-tail keywords that are more relevant so have better conversion rates. We can then use these insights to assign your pages with target keywords, giving advice on how to optimise these pages to help them appear in the search engines.

SEO Prices Berkshire

Prices vary based on the size of your website, but we set the hourly rate to £50 per hour.

What experience do you have?

Technical SEO specialist with 17 years of experience in SEO, working with many brands of all sizes–most recently in a highly regarded digital marketing agency, so these audits cover everything you would expect from a digital agency.

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