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Many web based businesses put off hiring an SEO company for as long as possible. There are many good reasons people give for this, not least is the cost involved. There are thousands of different SEO company websites and consultancies on the internet advertising their wares. The fees charged by these businesses range from the worryingly cheap to the extortionately expensive. With so many ‘black hat’ SEO companies still lurking on the fringes of the internet, it can be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff, or to determine what services are offered by which companies. Another good reason people give for not hiring an SEO company is that they feel they can do it better themselves.

When to call in the professionals?

It is certainly true that basic SEO techniques are available to anyone with patience, reasonable intelligence and a bit of time to kill. However, there comes a point when most people reach the limit of what they can achieve on their own. Top ten page rankings on Google are hard to come by, and it is even more challenging to maintain your pole position when it has finally been won. By the time you have noticed your page rank slipping, or have given up on securing a top place, you may have already wasted hundreds of hours on dead ends and well-meaning, but ultimately unsuccessful SEO techniques.  With this in mind, the best time to bring an SEO company on board is as soon as possible after launching your web presence, before it gets to this stage. It is a competitive market so ask lots of questions and hunt around for the best deal, but don’t make the mistake of leaving it until it is too late; you will find yourself having to spend even more money on making up lost ground.

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