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SEO For FloristsSEO For Florists – Maximise your profits by increasing your client base

Hi, we are a Search Focus Ltd, UK based company. Our goal is to help small companies promote and sell their products. We use SEO, traditional marketing, and analytical methods to promote your products to the right audience. With our help, you can market directly to consumers or resellers.

Digital Marketing

Unique SEO services that engage with resellers and individuals. With the use of social media, direct marketing, and content creation.

Product Reviews

Our SEO experts are happy to review your products. From a simple online review to a full in-depth review for your product team. Do not let your competitors take advantage whilst you focus on your brand.

Reseller Service

Sell your products using our reseller services. This is a unique service that allows you to market and sell your products using a UK based office. The term SEO website designing encompasses two very distinct phases of a web design project into one.

The two phases include the actual development of a website but keeping in mind its on page optimisation or marketing aspect, which helps to lay the groundwork to actually making your website rank well in search engine results. Optimisation of the website for the search engines needs to be considered during the initial planning stages of a project, for various crucial reasons, as we will look at shortly.

What is SEO web designing?

When Search engine friendly website design is planned in advance, it helps to incorporate SEO strategies within the layout of the site.

This means that the architecture of your website starts out being SEO friendly, with well laid out internal links, keywords, page titles and page names.

What does it mean for a small business website?

The most beautiful, innovative and well thought of website will dry up and never do business unless it can attract a sizable number of visitors. However, since most visitors will find out and visit your website via search engines, it makes sense to ensure that your website is search engine friendly.

If efforts are focusing on making your business website search engine friendly from the outset, it means that you’ve already won 30% of the SEO race with a well laid out website, we can then fill the rest in with expert white hat SEO.

SEO Website design takes a much more detailed approach from the very beginning, something which if done right has a long-term payoff for your business.

Why do we give it so much importance?

As a web design company which specialises in designing business websites, we want to ensure that our clients have no problem getting found by search engines, which is the first step to getting traffic to a website.

Over the years our experience in this field has taught us that an optimised website which presents your business in a professional and unique manner, is what will ensure success online regardless of, whether you are an established business or a startup.

For a small business, a good search engine optimised website will mean lower costs on advertising, which will mean a much higher return on every bit of budget spent by the business.

This then has a direct effect on their bottom-line since a well optimised advertising spend means, the business will not be pooling in a fair majority of its profits back into advertising and marketing campaigns. Designing a search engine optimised website is a complicated and often laborious task, one which requires experience and expertise in both web design and SEO techniques.

By combining both these skills we can layout a design which has no problem attracting the attention of human visitors or prospective customers for your company and major search engines that send their crawlers to your website.

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