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Finding a great SEO business can be a bit of a challenge in today’s saturated market. From the novice freelancer to the non-established small business, there are several so-called specialists which have frustrated small businesses seeking quality SEO services. Small businesses and sole proprietary establishments have found it rather difficult to determine what skillsets are essential to building SERPs and which are superfluous. To help establish a basic guide, please consider the following top skills which every SEO business should offer.

Search Engine Optimisation as its primary focus

The first thing which should be considered when looking for a SEO business is whether or not that is their primary focus. If you find services which are offered for several online services and “oh yeah we do SEO too” they should probably be avoided. SEO is complex and requires attention to the ever-changing algorithms of Google and other search engines. As such, the focus of the small business should be Search Engine Optimisation.

Advertisements and Pay per click

To build your company awareness outside of the on-site location, a small business should have a focus on the advertisements and the pay per click materials. Being that, an SEO company should be able to create such material (or at minimum have a resource that they can outsource to in order to get it done). This is part of the off-site SEO which will ensure that your site receives higher SERPs.

Writing Competency and Writing Services

Perhaps the most important aspect of a SEO business is the company’s writing competency. Because SEO is so content driven, it is essential that a small business have the ability to deliver this content in a cohesive manner. It is not advised that a small business invest in offshore or non-native writers as there is a tendency for these writers to have difficulty in understanding the local grammar and usage of grammar. While there are several very educated individuals in offshore companies, it is always more beneficial to have the same level of education presented in a local service to minimise the risk of hitting cultural, language, and dialog barriers.

Companies which offer SEO must have the option of writing services if they are to be considered professional. Due to the fact that Keywords, tagging, and organic content are vital to the building of the SEO content which will be identified by the search engines, this is a must. You do not want to have to have your SEO content provided by one party to hand it off to another party to have it integrated into your site.

Webpage building/optimisation

The whole point of SEO is to create a site which is optimised for search engines. Any SEO company which does not understand the fundamentals of web design as well as the standard practices in creating quality websites, should be avoided. Companies which only deal with templated websites should also be avoided (as there are 76 million and counting templated WordPress sites), as the website is very apt not to be set apart from competitors made using the same template. When seeking an SEO business ask the company how they address issues with website development, how they optimise existing websites to be within the ideal strategies for high SERP placement, and if their web services offer IT support. While you may not need to have your site completely built from scratch, you at least need to have a SEO business which can fix SEO issues within the technical realm when they arise.

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If you are seeking a qualified SEO Business for your SEO solutions that provide real results in real time, then please give Search Focus Ltd a call on 07784 293809. Our company is dedicated to providing top quality SEO services through a personalised SEO analysis of your small business. Our professional team will then take the results of the analysis and construct a unique SEO strategy for your small business to maximise your potential for higher SERPs. If you have any inquires or if you would like to discuss the services which are offered by Search Focus Ltd, please contact us.

With over 250 million websites, a growing number of SEO services, and an ever growing and evolving standard for search engine results, it is essential that your small business establish itself from the crowd. Using a professional SEO business will increase your chances of higher ratings, lower the risk of penalisation from improperly constructed backlinks and “SEO” services from a novice, and help you get on to doing what your page is all about, business.

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