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The most important metric for any online business is traffic. You can have the best product and most striking website design in the world, but without human visitors you will get nowhere online. People need to be able to find your product or service when they do a web search on the major search engines such as Google. If your site is hidden on the second page or lower, your business is as good as non-existent as visitors will not find you.

If Your Website Is Not Visible On The Search Engines You Need The Services Of SEO Specialists Heysham

Understanding how to make money with your website is not difficult, you simply need to have a visible presence along with an effective web design and skilled written copy. Once you have these three metrics in place, you will be giving Google and your visitors exactly what they are looking for.

Search engines are becoming increasingly smarter and you need to know how the Google algorithm works in order to get your site highly ranked in its search engine results pages.

Statistics You Should Not Ignore

• The time spent on e-commerce sites rises by almost 20% annually
• Google handles more than 80% of worldwide searches, and this number rises to 90% on mobile platforms

If you are not getting your share of this enormous amount of cash spent online, is time to call in Heysham SEO specialists. We have turned web business flops into successful profitable sites for hundreds of clients in a wide variety of niches. We also rank our clients for their most important keywords.

Google Penguin & Panda Recovery

If the recent Panda and Penguin Google algorithm changes have resulted in decreased rankings for your site, you need to take action now or lose your business altogether. Many websites have gone from being successful to producing zero income overnight. This was often due to SEO guys taking shortcuts and using black hat techniques. In other cases they simply did not know what they were doing. It is vital that you understand that cheap low-quality search engine optimisation services can seriously damage your business, and by using them you run the risk of having your site dumped into Google’s bowels or dropped from the index completely.

So there you have it – contact the SEO Specialist Heysham company today and watch your site quickly rise through the Google ranks to the top where it belongs.

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