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The SEO Services we provide cover the full gamut of Search Engine Optimisation techniques – from Keyword AnalysisLink BuildingContent Writing etc – through to On-Page Optimisation. Lots of lovely technical terms, so let’s have a look at these in more detail.

Keyword Analysis

Often overlooked, but the starting point for SEO – ALWAYS! We’ve lost count of the number of discussions we’ve had with clients over the years on the subject of keywords – “it’s simple isn’t it, I just want to rank for ‘blue widgets'”.

But is that really what they need to rank for? If they’re based in Stretford, maybe the best would be “blue widgets Stretford”, or perhaps “Stretford blue widgets”, or maybe “widgets blue Stretford”? Well, you get the drift. First step then, understand what terms people are searching for, and then decide those which are most appropriate to your business.

On-Page Optimisation

On page optimisation is then the process by which you ensure that the pages on your website show the search engines that they are relevant to the keywords you have defined.

Off-Page Optimisation

Off-Page SEO is everything that’s left – so things that are external to your site. For many years, this essentially revolved around trying to get links to your website, but now also includes social media like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, as well as videos on YouTube and so on.

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