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Social Media can be quite difficult to get your head around, especially when it comes to deciding how ‘important’ it is.

It isn’t very professional is it? Surely that can’t be of any use to my business?

Unfortunately, wrong. Social Media is exceptionally important nowadays and its use has a strong correlation to your online presence. Social Media, especially the likes of Facebook and Twitter are used in many search engine’s algorithms which measure ‘Social signals’. These signals tell the search engine that real people are talking about your business online, generating content that they think is worth sharing with others about your site. This tells Google and the other search engines that your website must be worth talking about!

Using Social media correctly can help your business grow exponentially. But the fear of getting it wrong often stops people using it altogether. The poignant point to remember is that YOU are in control of the Social environment you create. The tone, the brand, the aims and the interaction are to be managed at your digression, creating the online atmosphere that perfects fits your business’ brand.

We know how important it is, and it is an absolute must for businesses who are seeking a greater online presence, and this is why we include Social Media strategies in our two largest professional SEO campaigns.

However, if you would like us to help you, either with training or to take on the task ourselves on your behalf, then we are more than happy to. Whether it’s weekly, daily or anything bespoke that you request, we will ensure we build your brand in the way that YOU want, and give you detailed feedback on the progress that’s being made.

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