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Search Focus Ltd was founded in 2018 and is a full service web design and SEO firm, geared towards small to mid-size businesses. We will help you create a website that will deliver. While our primary focus is web design, hosting, SEO and PPC; we do offer many other media and business solutions. Search Focus Ltd has a complete design workshop that can create custom t-shirts, business paper and cards, along with much more!

Our mission is to serve our clients, big or small, with the same passion, loyalty, integrity and effectiveness as possible, without the high expense normally associated with these types of services. For this reason, Search Focus Ltd has designed workshops that help to explain various technologies that will advance your web presence. We’ve also cover the basic problems that you may encounter when first becoming familiar with the internet and uploading files to your website. The programs that we have implemented are designed to accomplish our mission and live up to the expectation our clients have entrusted in us.

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