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Why choose Search Focus Ltd?

Full-service environmentally friendly company

We don’t just design websites or just create logos, we can help with every aspect of your brand online in Shevington and further afield. This can make your life much easier because you won’t need several agencies coordinating to build your overall online strategy. Though we realize there are all kinds of design and development and no one can specialize in ALL of them, we have the resources to use outside help if necessary.

Custom web designs but flexible for client – socially conscious

We work very closely with the award winning CMS system called WordPress. Every website is unique in it’s style, content and goals each of which needs to be considered as a web design is created. We also work with you until you are happy with your website design, no limit to the number of revisions. Flexibility – we also understand that some budgets simply do not allow for custom creation. We have worked with clients on a budget as low as £275. Whether its a custom design or modifying a template design, straight through to a monthly web design & SEO bundle, we will be as flexible as possible to work with any budget you have.

Talk to the people actually making your website

We’re a small company and that means no “fluff” people like frustrating salesmen or project coordinators who simply pass information along to the real workers. When you speak with us, you’re going to speak directly with the person designing or building your website. We feel direct communication is the most effective as things can get lost in translation when passed through multiple people.

No salesmen, just web people giving advice

We don’t have a sales department trying to get you to sign up for the latest, greatest and most expensive options we have. The people putting quotes/bids together for you are the people who design and build your website. When you request a quote we’ll talk with you about your specific needs and discuss various options that can fit in your budget. We’re not here to take every penny you have, we want to find the right solution that will work for you.

We’re your partner, not just your web design company

Working with you is much more fun and productive than working for you. If you’ve never had a website before, it may seem daunting to get started. Even business owners who have had a website for a long time still may not totally understand how it all works and why. We want to help educate you about anything related to WordPress websites and SEO even if it means having a 2 hour phone call to explain the difference between Facebook and Twitter.

We wear ourselves out trying to make clients happy

Again, we’re not sales people – it’s honestly not what we enjoy doing. The easiest way to get new customers is to have happy customers who then tell all their friends, family and colleagues about us. Making you happy actually makes our lives easier as we all know referrals are always a great way to build a business. So, we’ll work tirelessly to make sure you have a website you love and tell everyone about.

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