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Keyword Ranking Tools Review

We’ve used many search engine ranking tools throughout the years and unearthed some good and some terrible. As there are now quite a few players that stand head and shoulders above the rest, we’ll not dwell on the also-rans but concentrate on the critical question–which is the best SEO ranking software that satisfies you?

Each company has its pros and cons to try to grab at every opportunity to secure your custom. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you do your homework before you nosedive headfirst toward the unknown. So, which online keyword tool completely suits you for checking your Google keyword rankings regularly?

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SE Ranking

SERanking Review

Accurate keyword tracking. SE Ranking offer real-time monitoring across all the major search engines. Set your campaigns to a country / regional / city-specific level as frequently as you like.

Set your campaign to mobile or desktop rankings whilst feature tracking is also available. Videos, featured snippets, Google maps, Google ads and other rankings are all available to track by SE Ranking. Competitor tracking also allows you to monitor your competitor’s keywords with up to 5 competitors per project.

SE Ranking also offers white-label reports and API integration and allows you to create sub-accounts to organise your projects better.

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Advanced Web Ranking Software

Advanced Web Ranking

The first impression about Advanced Web Ranking is that it’s one of the most extended established SEO ranking software tools, and it’s incredibly comprehensive. So whatever SEO ranking report you want to produce, there’s a fair chance you can do so in AWR.

One advantage of AWR is that it comes in several flavours, so you can choose the option which best suits your needs. The size of your business; the differences between the various versions essentially come down to the levels of ranking reports you can produce and whether they include advanced features such as keyword analysis.

AWR Standard – The starting point is the ‘Standard’ version, currently at $99, allowing you to view a wide range of standard SEO ranking reports on screen, though you only have limited facilities to produce customised and printable notifications.

AWR Professional – The next step up is AWR Professional, essentially adding customisable SEO ranking reports to the Standard version.

AWR Enterprise – AWR Enterprise adds much more general SEO analysis and functionality, with facilities such as a Website Auditor, Keyword Research tool and Keyword Difficulty tool.

AWR Server – AWR Server is intended for SEO agencies or the more giant corporates, allowing multiple users and licences to suit a team of SEO analysts.

You can test-drive each package for one month to get a good feel of how well you will work with the software and how it suits your search engine rankings needs. We’d highly recommend you do this, as the AWR ranking interface won’t suit everyone, and only by using the tool to perform rankings checks will you be able to find this out.

It’s possible to switch between versions mid-way through the free trial, so it’s best to start with AWR Standard and upgrade if you can’t achieve the rankings reports you wish.

One last thing to mention about Advanced Web Ranking and Caphyon is that their support is superb. They are very prompt, helpful, and knowledgeable about their product.

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SEO Powersuite Rank Tracker

SEO PowerSuite Review

Rank Tracker is the SEO rank tracking element of the SEO Powersuite’ suite’ of SEO tools, including tools for link building, a website auditor and SEO Spyglass for researching potential link partners. Each individual SEO tool can be purchased separately, although there are significant discounts for buying them as a combined (and practical) SEO package.

There are three versions–Free, Professional and Enterprise, which again differ in the reports you can run, whether you can save these reports and do things like emailing them and customising them for clients.

The Free version works perfectly to generate a one-off picture of your search engine rankings, although it doesn’t allow you to save these, so you can’t track ranking history.

The Professional version allows you to create customisable reports that you can save and schedule when your SEO rankings report run. Another feature not available in the free version is to run comparisons with your competitors.

The Enterprise version is for SEO agencies. It adds the facility to export rankings reports to Excel and publish them on the web, although we’ve never figured out why anyone would want to do this.

One thing to note about Rank Tracker and SEO Powersuite is that you need to keep it up to date by subscribing to their ‘Live Plan’; it includes the first six months in the original price, but obviously, costs can mount up if you’re renewing all the SEO suite of tools.

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Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker Review

Pro Rank Tracker is an SEO ranking software that will check your keyword rankings daily – up to 200 results and keep a history log of past rankings in a chart file. Customisable columns also let you arrange the account to your liking.


  • Updates on demand on standard or higher plans
  • Daily keyword updates
  • Web-based (cloud) application
  • Multi-lingual
  • High accuracy
  • Site SEO Auditor
  • Sub-accounts on standard plans or higher
  • White label reporting
  • API access and dedicated account manager on business plan


All prices allow unlimited URLs, but each is limited to the quantity of keywords you can add to the account.

  • $25 per month – 200 keywords
  • $49 per month – 500 keywords
  • $89 per month – 1000 keywords
  • $129 per month – 2000 keywords
  • $180 per month – 3000 keywords

After the $180 per month package, you can customise the account to what you need. Anything after the business plan is bespoke.

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SEO Profiler

SEO Profiler Review

If business owners are serious about improving their keyword rankings, SEO Profiles is one of the more diverse cloud-based solutions available. They have been developing SEM solutions since the year 2000 and have continued to adapt their software to multiple other internet marketing channels.


  • SEO Profiler allows you to perform daily ranking checks and perform automated SEO audits to find any faults with your website.
  • On-page and off-page SEO is made more accessible, and you can also add analytics to your website.
  • They offer much more than just keyword ranking


  • There are one or two dislikes with SEO Profiler, which they could improve. First, learn the software through online videos.
  • Limitations to the number of projects you can add to your account.
  • Website owners don’t always need to monitor thousands of keywords over a few projects, so perhaps increasing the number of projects will attract smaller website owners to their service.
  • Only the enterprise plan allows unlimited projects and unlimited users.
  • It is not the easiest of interfaces to understand.


  • Website auditing tool
  • White-label reports
  • Link disinfection tool
  • Web-based software (cloud)
  • Monitor competitor backlinks


  • €69.95 month – 1500 keywords
  • €99.95 per month – 3000 keywords (1st week free)
  • €249.95 per month – 7500 keywords
  • €999.95 per month – 30000 keywords

Overall, SEO Profiler can be a helpful ranking software, but its limited pricing structure can be off-putting. If they could offer a more bespoke pricing range and a more straightforward interface, then it would improve them immensely as a service.

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SEMRush Position Tracking

SEMRush Review

SEMRush is a bit of a swiss army knife with cloud-based internet marketing software. However, they have many exciting features, but we will focus on their ranking software for now.


Their ranking software works just like any other ranking software, really, but one feature I do like with SEMRush is their domain overview. Just type your website address into the domain overview and see what data SEMRush has picked up from the search engines.

  • Connect your Google Search Console & Google Analytics accounts for additional data analysis.
  • It is easy to switch currency and country databases for international users/sellers.
  • The SEM Sensor lets you know if there is any SERP volatility going on in your industry.
  • Detailed data comparison with competitors
  • They give you the ability to track featured snippets and offers featured snippet opportunities.


  • It is not the most accessible interface to navigate around. It takes a while to find your way around, but you should get used to it if you are using it constantly.
  • The pro plan could allow a few more projects as the maximum of three projects is tiny for the costs involved. However, even an increase to five projects would be a vast improvement.
  • Only allows one user for any plan, and the price for an additional user is relatively high for small business owners.


  • SEMRush SERP sensor
  • Daily updates
  • Fix cannibalisation issues
  • Compare competitor rankings
  • Discover featured snippet opportunities


  • $99.95 per month – 500 keywords
  • $199.95 per month – 1500 keywords
  • $399.95 per month 5000 keywords

Overall, SEMRush is one of our favourite cloud-based solutions out there at the moment, although they could do with a pricing reshuffle to make it more attractive to small business owners.

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WooRank Review

From a ranking software perspective, the value for money is pretty poor. For example, Woorank has a one project limitation and fifty keyword tracking for £59.99 per month, and to upgrade to 250 keywords is £179.99 per month. We find this disappointing considering that other providers are offering 10x as many keywords for a similar price.

However, I don’t think keyword ranking is their primary focus, but it would be nice to offer more with keyword rank tracking for the quoted prices.


  • Ease of use – their interface is pretty user friendly
  • Offers a free trial
  • Loads fast
  • Discounts on yearly billing


  • You have to submit your payment details to sign up for the free trial
  • Pretty expensive for a limited number of projects/keywords
  • It doesn’t provide organic keyword data like other big providers
  • Great for beginners as they make everything easier to understand


  • Woorank keyword tool
  • Website crawler
  • SEO monitoring
  • Website reviews


  • Pro – £59.99 – 50 keywords
  • Premium – £179.99 – 250 keywords
  • Enterprise – £TBA – Bespoke number of keywords

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Ahrefs Review

Ahrefs.com is a treasure at Search Focus because of the amount of data you can gather using their services. In addition, there are four different plans available with the option to purchase extra ‘seats’ for $30, which allows additional people to log in at the same time.

A trial is available but not for free, and you can pay $7 for a seven day trial with access to all features in the first two plans. Purchasing a trial should give you enough time to determine if their ranking software is suitable for you.

There is a lot more to ahrefs.com than just ranking software. Their plans include a certain number of keywords as a part of an overall plan.

  • $99 – Lite – 500 keywords
  • $179 – Standard – 1,500 keywords
  • $399 – Advanced – 5,000 keywords
  • $999 – Agency – 10,000 keywords


  • User-friendly interface
  • More than just a ranking tool for tracking keywords


  • One user per account (but with an option to buy more users)
  • They limit the Lite package to checking competitors top 20 keywords (higher plans are top 100)
  • Updates every seven days

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Authority Labs

Authority Labs Review

Each plan is limited to several domains, but they are pretty generous with the plus plan starting at 50 domains, then 100 domains, 300 domains and unlimited domains for each of the other three plans. As a result, authority Labs is a lot more than other providers allow, making Authority Labs more attractive to potential customers.


  • $49 month – Plus Plan – 250 keywords
  • $99 month – Pro Plan – 1,000 keywords
  • $225 month – Pro Plus Plan – 2,500 keywords
  • $450 month – Enterprise Plan – 5000+ keywords


  • No credit card required
  • 14-day free trial
  • Unlimited users
  • Daily updates


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If you enjoy reporting, then Rankwatch is a good option. If you are running an SEO campaign for a client, their information is pretty useful. Are they the best SEO ranking provider in the business, though? It’s difficult to predict who is the best in the industry with so much competition. The arduous task is to find out why each one is unparalleled from the other. Here is a list of services that they currently offer:

  • Rank Tracking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Site Audit
  • Backlink Analysis & Checker
  • Keyword Research with Hidden Opportunity
  • 100% White Label


  • £19 month – Medium Plan – 250 keywords
  • £65 month – Large Plan – 1,500 keywords
  • £294 month – Extra Large Plan – 7,500 keywords
  • £38 month – Custom Tailored Plan – Per 500 keywords

Paypal is their default payment gateway, where you can set up a recurring monthly subscription. There are no limits to the number of projects you can add to your dashboard. As long as you are within your allocated number of keywords per month, Rankwatch will continue to deliver your keyword rankings.

Keyword usage is calculated by 1 x keyword x the number of search engines & locations used. So ten keywords on two search engines, plus tracking of 3 areas = 60 keywords. Rankwatch also provides API support, so you can import and export data.

A 14-day trial is also available. A certain amount of data is limited, such as competitor data.

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Moz Pro

Moz Pro Review

If you enjoy reporting, then Rankwatch is a good option. If you are running an SEO campaign for a client, their information is pretty useful. Are they the best in the business, though? It’s difficult to predict who is the best in the industry with so much competition. The arduous task is to find out why each one is unique from the other. Here is a list of services that they currently offer:

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Startup Ranking

Startup Ranking Review

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Microsite Masters

Microsite Masters Review

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SERPWatcher Review

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UberSuggest Keyword Tracking

Ubersuggest Keyword Tracking Review

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Spyfu Rank Tracking

Spyfu Rank Tracking Review

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Majestic: Marketing SEO Tools

Majestic Marketing SEO Tools Review

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Wincher Review

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Search Engine Genie Google Rank Checker

Search Engine Genie Review

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GEORanker Review

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iSpionage Review

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