When It Is Time For A New Website Design Upgrade

There are a huge number of business websites on the internet that does not even get a hundred visitors per day. They should be declared useless since it is quite obvious that either people do not need its contents or the business is not really pushing the website in the right direction. However, the most common reason for this is that these website designs are poor and not so user-friendly.

Unfortunately, most small businesses do not even realize that they have a bad web design and that their website has become ineffective.

The web is a very powerful tool which can be used to do almost anything. Whether you want to promote your products, find new clients, or simply create awareness about your brand. You can do all that on your website. But if your website is not doing anything for you then perhaps it is time for you to think about getting a new web design. However, the question is that how do you find out that it is your web design that is making your website ineffective?

Well, the first obvious sign is the number of visitors you are getting on your website. Once I met a small business owner who needed advice on his website and they did not even know how many visitors they get on their website. Unfortunately, they didn’t know how to use traffic analyzing tools such as Google Analytics on their website.

You have a bad design if you notice that people do visit your website but they do nothing at all there and leave without saying hello. Most probably your website is not very user-friendly so visitors find it difficult to navigate and understand what to do here. Secondly, it is also possible that the content on your website is really boring and people find it uninteresting and leave to browse better websites.

Colours play a very important role in design. They are used to enhance the visual appeal of a design and they are also used to make the design more useful and user-friendly. A bad colour combination is a very common bad web design practice. Dark background colours are specially considered a very bad design practice. So you need to make sure that your web design has colours that match and are still easy on the eyes of the visitors. Another aspect of colour scheme on your website design is the colour of the hyperlinks. Is the colour of your hyperlinks makes it clear to the visitors that these are hyperlinks? Sometimes designer mix colours so badly that links get mixed up with text.

Brand identity is not a feature of HTML and CSS, for that you use marketing images on your website design such as your logo design. Sometimes these images of your logo, your profile pages on social networking websites, your contact pages, they all look different from each other. In order to maintain a proper design consistency, you need to make sure that your logo design matches the theme of your web design. So that it does not look aloof on your website. Also, make sure that a design consistency is maintained on your website.

Remember there is always room for improvement so keep an eye on your website and if it is not doing as it was expected then you should consider getting a new web design.