Why Your Business Card Design is Important

Why Your Business Card Design is Important

Business cards are one of the most omnipresent marketing tools that any business owner has. Your business card printing is as necessary as having your own company name as it is the marketing tool that would definitely introduce your company to your target clients. Therefore, having a great looking business card that gets kept can do a lot of wonders to your reputation as a business and provider of solutions to your target clients’ problems.

Your business card is often the marketing tool that you use to promote your business when marketing with the help of your network. Networking then is an integral part of marketing that a business card works well with. As such, it is very important that your business cards be able to provide all the necessary information about you and what you can do to your target clients.

However, your business card also doesn’t have to have the same design and layout that all the other business owners have used since time immemorial, e.g. the same boring black on white business card, with usual myriad of contact information found on the face and back of the card. Most often than not, unusual and unique designs and layouts get you to stand out. And how you provide a different function to your business card is key to getting your marketing strategy effective in generating interest to your business.

So if you’re looking for ways to make your business card printing design more attractive, this article is useful to give your business cards a fresh start with alternative ideas for layouts and designs.

Idea #1: Print more than a business card; print a promotional offer card

In addition to your contact information, make your cards like loyalty cards or frequent-buyer cards that every time your target clients use it, they would be reminded of you. But don’t forget to put an expiration date to your promotional offer. And then start handing them all out.

Idea #2: Have a survey card

Print a short survey on your business card. Or offer an incentive every time your target clients return your card to you when they answer a few simple questions on your short survey. Afterwards, you can then give them a business card that has your contact information in it.

Idea #3: Print other marketing tools in your marketing tool

For example, you can have your business card designed as a hangtag, name tag, ticket to an event you sponsored, or even greeting cards that you can attach to a gift bag or souvenir items which you can then hand out to your target clients. Your recipients would more likely remember your gift along with your card when they receive what you sent them as a form of thank you.

Idea #4: Print an appointment card

Turn your business cards into appointment cards by including the next appointment of your client in your card. Your recipients would surely keep your business card because they would want to be reminded of their next appointment.

Always remember that marketing with business cards is not just about handing your marketing tools out to everyone you meet. You have to render your business card with an innovative function, design and layout, that would make it stand out among the rest of usual boring and standard cards. These ideas presented in this article will help you do that and more. Because getting unique cards to represent you and your business will always provide you with opportunities to attract target clients who will later on become real clients for your business.