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SEO Services Birmingham

Break the Search Engine Rank Barriers with a Birmingham SEO Strategy

Are you looking for a proven SEO service that specialises in Mobile SEO, Local SEO and eCommerce SEO? At Search Focus Ltd, we dedicate ourselves to achieving the best possible results using all the latest SEO techniques and creating targeted SEO campaigns!

We understand that each Website or SEO campaign is individual, and we skilfully invest time into building the right foundations for success. Whether it’s organic rankings, pay-per-click management, or more conversions through your shopping cart, we can create and manage a campaign that generates measurable results.

Any SEO service that brings results is worth the investment of time and resources. We want to prove the effectiveness of our SEM campaigns within the shortest timeframe possible and give you the online presence that you desire in either organic or paid search.

Optimised using local SEO for Increased Visibility in Birmingham

With a targeted local SEO and online marketing strategy, Search Focus can enhance your brand, increase traffic to your website and help your business make money locally.

If you want your website to be seen and your company to succeed in a competitive online marketplace, we can help. For example, you may wish to work closely with our SEO services to plan new strategies, gain customers from local areas, or improve on what you’ve already got.

Alternatively, if you spend your time in other areas, you can leave it all to us, knowing that your local SEO strategy will improve. Search Focus will work flexibly to provide the best ROI for your business!

Search Focus Ltd understand that each SEO campaign is individual, and we will plan and shape every campaign differently. We offer a free website review to see what SEO work we need to approach before you start paying for it.

SEO Company Birmingham

There are so many different components with SEO it can be overwhelming. Trying to keep up with the search engine requirements is the priority for SEO, but their demands seem to be constantly changing.

Search engines had a big focus on keywords. While this is still important, what has become just as important, is the content itself. The search engines have become so sophisticated that the spiders crawling your page can detect much more about your content’s theme.

There are some essential areas of your content that you need to concentrate on, which, if you do, will serve you two good purposes.

Making sure that your content is error-free, both with spelling and grammar, is a necessity. Then you want to make sure that your content is informative and has actual value for your readers. Again, the search engines can detect this.

Optimised using local SEO for Increased Visibility in Birmingham

The two purposes that this serves are that it can boost your SEO and create a good visitor experience. In addition, this can help to reduce your bounce rate and scale up your business because it helps to build your credibility.
Writing good content for your website is easier said than done. It takes time, and there are processes that you need to learn to create good content. A more straightforward approach may be to hire experts to do this for you. 
Hiring an SEO expert is a cost that you will have to take on, and you will not get actual value from these services if you try to hire less than proficient writers willing to charge more. Don’t get caught up in the trap of trying to spin content as the search engines have become very clever at being able to detect this type of content.
SEO Consultants Birmingham

Some SEO questions we regularly get asked…

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an online marketing strategy used to ensure that a website is ranked highly on the search engines for keywords related to their business. We aim to get you as high up the first page as possible to generate more business for your company.

It is a combination of techniques to tell the search engines exactly what your websites content is.

Do I need to submit my website every month to the search engines?

No, not at all. Search engines like Google will find your website by themselves. However, if your website is new, you may wish to submit your details to Google, or if you have created new content, you want to be indexed quickly.

Do you guarantee Page 1 positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing?

No, we only guarantee things we can control, and we don’t control Google, Yahoo and Bing. We do guarantee the very best SEO service for your money.

Some companies do offer this type of ‘guarantee’, but be very careful, there are sneaky ways to achieve this but the methods will either result in very low traffic levels or, worse still, will result in your being penalised for using black hat SEO.

In contrast, all our current clients are on page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing, so although we don’t guarantee results, we do deliver them.

Who are the big search engines in the world?

Google, Yahoo and Bing, handle about 95% of all internet searches. However, there are some others worth considering depending on your industry sector and type of business.

Can I do some SEO myself?

Of course, but we urge you to find SEO experts to guide you. Luckily we do offer SEO consultancy services to create the plan for you whilst you hire somebody in-house to do the SEO work. There will be an ongoing monthly SEO consultancy fee to bring your staff up to date with all of the latest search engine algorithm developments & techniques.