Below is just a taster of the services we have to offer businesses in Birmingham at Search Focus. We believe in being thoroughly detailed when it comes to your marketing strategies and we use all of the latest resources available to help you to understand how your business in Birmingham should work online.


We promote Google MyBusiness pages using proven SEO strategies.


Highly detailed search engine analytics to monitor web visitor behaviour.


Email us anytime to get an update of how your SEO campaign is looking.


Access your data anywhere at anytime using the latest cloud software.


What is Search Engine Optimisation and do you offer it to Birmingham based businesses?


Web design & SEO are the two main focus points for any website owner who aims at increasing their site's  visibility and overall appeal. But it is the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) that plays the key role in bringing more visitors to the website. Simply put, SEO translates to increasing the organic traffic coming from natural search results.


Why use Search Engine Optimisation in Birmingham?


Optimising your website is crucial to increase its visibility, boosts the number of unique organic visitors and, ultimately, increases the website’s efficiency and long-term audience. No matter how good or sought-after your products or services are, their success mainly depends on an effective and on-point SEO optimisation.


Do you offer Bespoke SEO & Web Design Services in Birmingham?


Yes, we do both. As Bespoke SEO focuses on extensive website optimisation, it goes without saying that we offer services like: proper keyword research, improving the quality of the copywriting, designing the landing pages, elaborating a relevant SEO long term strategy and constantly adapting the website to  Google algorithm changes. Web Design Services are included as well with the quality being the primary guide.


How Much Does SEO & Web Design Cost?


The prices will vary according to the industry or the niche the company belongs to. In addition, different demands will further influence the pricing, depending on their complexity or difficulty.


Do You Also Offer Local SEO Services in Birmingham?


Yes, we do. Using Local SEO services can be extremely important for promoting your products or services to the right audience in Birmingham. Through a variety of strategies like: ranking your website on business directories like Google Maps (also known as Google My Business), Thompson Local or Yell, elaborating online reviews and so on, Local SEO is a highly effective method of marketing your website services to local customers at the exact moment they are looking for something similar.


What is PPC Marketing & is it Something We Offer?


Pay-Per-Click marketing is an effective way of increasing the number of visitors by using search  engine advertising platforms such as Google Adwords or Bing Adcenter. Sponsored ads are paid for with each visitor click on your paid advert by bidding on specific keywords relating to your industry. Because of its efficiency, PPC is meant for everyone and it is definitely part of our expertise. We offer a one-off £100 setup fee (complete with a free £75 voucher when you spend £25) and can also offer a monthly management fee for a further £100 per month. This includes creating new adverts & finding new opportunities and keywords.


Search Focus are reputed freelancers with years of experience in Web Design & SEO. Our team of professionals are fully trained and equipped with the latest software developments that operate in the same manner with the sole purpose of delivering top-notch quality for unbeatable prices. We take pride in our successes and we only ask to be judged by our failures, because we have none.


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