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SEO Services Leicester

Break the Search Engine Rank Barriers with a Leicester SEO Strategy

Even if you have built an incredibly appealing site, it may never turn up on the search engines. The reason for this is quite simple but requires a team of experts to implement. For your website to be “found” by the major search engines, it must be fully and properly SEO optimised. Without the best possible SEO content, no one in the UK will ever know your site exists. When you are ready to be found, the SEO strategy experts at Search Focus Ltd are here to help.

While there are several reasons why so many companies fail to earn page one ranking on search engines such as Google, the most common reason is that they lack the expertise in SEO strategy development. The professional SEO consulting team at Search Focus Ltd is fully versed in all aspects of search engine marketing and are well aware of what strategies perform the best in the UK market.

We know that the only reason we have earned the reputation of being the best in SEO management is that we continue to offer the best search engine optimisation in the industry.

Optimised using local SEO for Increased Visibility in Leicester

In order for you to understand how our local SEO management strategies help your website, we feel you need to have at least some understanding of how SEO marketing works. Search engine optimisation in its simplest form means that our team of SEO professionals will fully optimise both your website design and your content in such a way as to ensure that your site will perform well in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). This includes expertly written SEO optimised content written specifically for your company.

At Search Focus Ltd we are well aware that we are not the only SEO service provider that services to Leicester based businesses, but with 19 years experience in SEO then you should turn to nobody else.

While other SEO companies make promises they never intend to keep, at Search Focus Ltd we offer a guarantee that is cast in stone. We place so much confidence in our abilities that if for any reason we fail to place your website on the first page of the major search engines within 6 months, we wont charge you any more until we do. Get started today, all it takes is a single phone call!


SEO Company Leicester

Our company, Search Focus, specialises in local lead generation, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), website design and website development. The website you are on is ideal if you want more people to contact you for your service or product.

You can find your business’ services or products online every day. Let’s say you’re currently:

  • There is no search result for your website on Google
  • People can find your website, but they don’t contact you
  • Do you want a website, but do not have one…

Regardless of what is correct, you may be missing out on the huge chances the internet gives you to take your business to the next level by increasing your customers and income.

As Leicester’s leading provider of SEO and website design, Search Focus provides the highest level of service. In addition to getting your business in front of the right people on the web – those actively looking for the services or products you offer – we will also make sure they call you or fill out your contact form on your website.

Optimised using local SEO for Increased Visibility in Leicester

What can you do to improve your business’s chances of standing out from the crowd?

Local Lead Generation, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and Website Design are three of our main areas of expertise that help our clients earn new leads and customers.

Lead generation is what every business wants, and this service does exactly that. Tell us what keywords and the location that you want your client prospects to find you for, for instance, Leicester web design or Leicester SEO.

The research will be completed first, followed by the creation of the lead generation website and the back-end work to rank/position it online well. Google search results are seldom looked at beyond the first page for 95% of people. They don’t have to if everything is on page one.

Upon finding the lead generation website while searching Google for the keyword(s), the person contacts you either by phone or through the contact form. The potential customer’s details are automatically emailed to you if you use the contact form.

SEO Consultants Leicester
SEO Consultants Leicester

Break the Search Engine Rank Barriers with a Leicester SEO Strategy

The number of leads generated by the lead-gen website, as well as phone calls made to the company, are all tracked and available in a report, so we are both able to keep track of its success.

It is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which helps websites generate traffic from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The process involves optimizing both on- and off-page aspects of the website so that it appears in search results when it is relevant to the search term, such as local SEO companies near me or website design near me.

The SEO process is complicated, and with over 200 factors that influence where your website will rank online, we focus on three areas that will have a positive impact on its rankings:

  • Creating authoritative and quality content (writing)
  • Create powerful backlinks to your site by creating powerful links/votes for it
  • List your business information on multiple online directories (citations).

These terms will either be familiar to you or not. That’s great, if you don’t, also great; we are paying you to know if you choose to use our services. In order to beat your online competition, these 3 areas must be taken into consideration as simple as possible. We will explain these and demonstrate their importance using videos!

    Optimised using local SEO for Increased Visibility in Leicester

    It comes down to the fact that having SEO done to your business website will let you gain more leads and customers if it gets ranked highly in the search engine results. The SEO services we offer can be integrated into your existing website or we can create a new website and do the work from there.

    Once they arrive on your site, a page that doesn’t grab their attention out of the blue is one of the things that will quickly send them back the way they came.

    The website we design for you can look professional and easy to use, but it can also be tailored around your needs and how you want it to look and feel.

    During the process of building your site, we will send you physical previews of it so you will be able to give us any feedback you have before it is published online, but don’t worry, the site can still be changed even after it has been published.

    Our websites are mobile-friendly, which means they can be viewed on laptops, desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets as well. Mobile-friendly sites will display correctly on a phone since 80% of all online searches are made from mobile devices today.

    SEM SEO PPC Specialists Leicester
    White Label Reseller SEO Leicester

    Some SEO questions we regularly get asked…

    What do SEO Services in Leicester Include?

    SEO is a long term strategy which takes time and resources to achieve. Unlike PPC, SEO is not an instant fix and can take up to 6 months before you start to see positive results. If you are planning on starting a SEO campaign then you need to hire the right people that can map out your road to success. Everything that is included in our SEO prices include:

    • Technical SEO
    • Content Creation
    • On-site optimisation
    • Off site optimisation

    We don’t really do any SEO work in any particular order because every website has different needs. We will need to do a complete SEO review first to analyse the amount of work that is required.

      What does a Leicester SEO company do?

      There are millions of people using the search engines daily looking for information, products or services. Our mission is simple, we make your website visible to the people that are looking for your services in your area.

      Although it sounds simple, it is in fact a very complex system with over 300 algorithm ranking factors to consider. After we have reviewed your website and laid out a roadmap then will will go more in-depth using techniques we have gained over the last 19 years.

      Do I have to sign contract?

      A simple ‘no’. We operate on a monthly ongoing agreement which you can pull out of at any time. We do ask that you stay committed to the project or provide the courtesy of a 30 day notice if you do decide to terminate the agreement.

      Should I invest in PPC?

      PPC is quicker than SEO but unmanaged it can get expensive. If setup incorrectly it can even lose you money. Like SEO, PPC uses an algorithm to determine your landing page score, and is constantly recalculating the score based on any changes that are made across the account. We can manage your PPC campaign for you, all you have to do is grant us access to your account.