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SEO Services Swansea

Break the Search Engine Rank Barriers with a Swansea SEO Strategy

Search Focus Ltd offer SEO services in Swansea. Our main focus is on search engine optimisation for companies that wish to improve on their search engine performance like Google, Bing & Yahoo. Our customers are guaranteed a comprehensive range of SEO services and digital marketing expertise.

We believe that SEO is not just about increasing the ranking of your keywords. We believe in driving as much traffic as possible by improving the user experience of your website and filling it with useful content.

We also have a full range of SEO software at our disposal and the SEO techniques to complement them. This ensures that your website is appealing to both your audience and the algorithms.

Our rule of thumb is simple. If you are not on the first page of the search engines, you are not going to be seen by potential customers.

Optimised using local SEO for Increased Visibility in Swansea

We use a smarter approach to SEO, we know that the first thing we need to do is to get to understand your business and how your competitors operate. Reverse engineering a competitors digital marketing strategy is one of the most effective SEO weapons at your disposal.

If we can gain a deeper understanding of why their website is ranking better than yours then we will look to implement a similar strategy whilst fine tuning it towards your setup.

We are specialist SEO and lead generation agency that serves Swindon based businesses, anything from skip hire, solicitors, local shops, joiners, tree surgeons and much more. Our core clients SEM strategies are always targeted with care and precision whilst making sure we pay extra attention to detail. 


SEO Services Swansea

SEO agencies are increasingly becoming popular in recent years. Ever asked yourself why? Definitely, it’s because you get more value in hiring an experienced SEO professional as opposed to building an in-house team.

Here are the advantages of hiring an SEO agency as opposed to building an in-house team.

One thing most managers don’t understand is that it is hard to get an SEO specialist who is well versed in the technical and content aspects of SEO. So, even if you might hire an SEO specialist, they won’t deliver 100%.


Advantages of hiring a SEO agency…

SEO agencies bring together a team of professionals who gather their different knowledge on SEO with a common goal. They make sure they deliver a great job so that they may be able to keep their clients.


With in-house teams, consider the equipment they will need, working space, salaries, benefits and other resources. What if your SEO specialist was a wrong hire. What if they fall sick?

With SEO agencies, however, there are no other costs apart from the agreed fee. The agency will work remotely so you don’t need office space and equipment. You will also be sure of getting the right services as SEO agencies have experts in each facet of SEO.

Connections and Collaborative Efforts

With an in-house team, you may not be sure if your company’s SEO strategy is up to the mark. This is because you will rely solely on your SEO specialist’s understanding and approach. Again the question is, what is they are wrong hires? What if their plan has undetected loopholes?

SEO agencies on the other hand foster connections and collaborative efforts. Agencies have direct connections to other renowned and experienced SEO specialists, managers, directors and other related professionals. These connections scrutinize your SEO campaign and advise the team accordingly.

It is without any doubt that outsourcing SEO is the best idea for businesses. It is cheaper and most importantly, guarantees effective results. So, if you were torn in between the two options, now you know what to do!