Below is just a taster of the services we have to offer businesses in Cardiff at Search Focus. We believe in being thoroughly detailed when it comes to your marketing strategies and we use all of the latest resources available to help you to understand how your business in Cardiff should work online.


We promote Google MyBusiness pages using proven SEO strategies.


Highly detailed search engine analytics to monitor web visitor behaviour.


Email us anytime to get an update of how your SEO campaign is looking.


Access your data anywhere at anytime using the latest cloud software.

With increasing advancements in modern marketing in Cardiff, Web Design & SEO techniques have become the need of the hour. We, at Search Focus, aim to offer the most effective digital marketing services that will convert most of your leads into long term clients in Cardiff.


What is Search Engine Optimisation?


Search engine optmisation is the process of organically making a website visible through the use of relevant keywords to your audience in Cardiff. In simple words, we help to bring you to the top of Google search pages. Our world class digital techniques will make your webpage appear at the top of any search engine results for Cardiff based search terms. Our services include everything ranging from eye catching webpage titles to conversion focused meta descriptions that bring you to the top ranks of any search engine results.


Why use Search Engine Optimisation?


Our search engine optimisation techniques make sure that your webpage is the first choice of every person looking for that specific keyword in Cardiff. We offer a diverse range of Web Design & SEO services with the assurance of quality and guarantee to make your digital appearance look extremely professional.


Do you offer Bespoke SEO & Web Design in Cardiff?


Yes. We have an army of leading SEO consultants who are equipped with the right skills in  making remarkable landing pages, integrated SEO strategy and copy writing techniques that will enhance the searcher’s experience on your cardiff based website. Our Bespoke services are embroidered by some of the best in the industry and the customisation of services is such that it surpasses our client's expectations.


How much does Web Design & SEO cost?


We, at Search Focus, focus majorly on providing state-of-the-art services at the minimum cost that is affordable by our Cardiff based clients. The costs of our services vary from industry to industry and how many services they would like to avail. Our aim is to justify the cost that the client is incurring and early results have shown that we have more than justified the cost; we have delighted our clients in Cardiff.


Do you also offer Local SEO services in Cardiff?


Yes. Local SEO services are an essential tool to target the customers in Cardiff. Google Maps, otherwise known as Google My business, targets customers on the basis of specific geographies and projects ads of local businesses that match with the keyword searched for. Local SEO is significantly becoming a major part of SEO as businesses have started to think globally and act locally.


What is PPC marketing and is it something we offer?


PPC or Pay-Per-Click marketing is a model of digital advertising where the advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. Yes, we offer PPC services through which we help to generate a huge amount of traffic to the client's website in a short period of time. Our PPC services are based on a high quality- low cost model that allows any business to have an attractive appearance on the internet.


We, at Search Focus, believe in going beyond the imagination. With the help of expert professionals on our team, we are trained in-house and every service we offer includes our mark on it. We have tremendous amount of experience in Web Design & SEO that helps us to create a win-win situation for the both the client and ourselves. Experience the experience provided by us and you'll never have spend another useless penny on digitalising yourself.


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