Below is just a taster of the services we have to offer businesses in Sheffield at Search Focus. We believe in being thoroughly detailed when it comes to your marketing strategies and we use all of the latest resources available to help you to understand how your business in Sheffield should work online.


We promote Google MyBusiness pages using proven SEO strategies.


Highly detailed search engine analytics to monitor web visitor behaviour.


Email us anytime to get an update of how your SEO campaign is looking.


Access your data anywhere at anytime using the latest cloud software.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?


Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.


Why Use Search Engine Optimisation?


Ranking Higher in Search Engines...


All the businesses in Sheffield wish to be ranked higher in Google and other search engines. Optimising your site with our White Hat SEO service will not only help to rank higher in search engines but saves you from Google penalties as well. We do this by ensuring extensive keyword research and making quality backlinks. This helps establish your domain authority and page authority.


Attracting Quality traffic...


Our SEO experts aid in attracting the right customer to your website. For example, if you are selling computer
hardware in Sheffield and you get the traffic for selling office furniture then that is all wrong, as the customer won't buy anything from your business. In a nutshell, you need customers who are really interested in your product and are based in Sheffield if that is your target audience.


Attracting Quantity traffic...


When you guide the customers correctly to your website, you need to have a lot of them to make a difference as far sales and growth of your business is concerned. We make sure to attract the right customers, at right time, and in the right place.


Do You Offer Bespoke SEO & Web Design Services?


Yes, we do offer Bespoke SEO, as well as web design services to Sheffield based businesses. Bespoke SEO is more extensive than simple SEO. In Bespoke SEO, our experts includes keyword research, impressive copy writing that converts traffic, design landing pages that hooks their audience, build SEO in the content of the site and adapt to any algorithm change by search engines.


How Much Does SEO & Web Design Cost?


We provide a wide variety of SEO & web design services for our clients in Sheffield. It all depends on the requirements, budget and the industry they are operating in. We have different pricing plans depending on what you need done.


Do You Also Offer Local SEO Services?


Yes, Search Focus offers Local SEO services in Sheffield and it uses Google MyBusiness. In today's competitive world it is very important to have your business in Sheffield claimed on Google. This allows people to search you online, track you through maps and ultimately review their experience with your business.


What is PPC marketing & is it something we offer?


Yes, we offer PPC as well. PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click marketing. It is in direct contrast with organic searches. PPC focuses on advertisement campaigns to promote your businesses. There are platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook pixels that use PPC.


Search Focus are pioneers of SEO & web design services, having served hundreds of clients for many years. We have in-house SEO experts who optimise websites with great skill and dedication.


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