Below is just a taster of the services we have to offer businesses in Nottingham at Search Focus. We believe in being thoroughly detailed when it comes to your marketing strategies and we use all of the latest resources available to help you to understand how your business in Nottingham should work online.


We promote Google MyBusiness pages using proven SEO strategies.


Highly detailed search engine analytics to monitor web visitor behaviour.


Email us anytime to get an update of how your SEO campaign is looking.


Access your data anywhere at anytime using the latest cloud software.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a process of perfecting the visibility of websites by ordering the results returned by running a query in a search engine. SEO is a subcategory of online marketing released in 1990 by the name of SEM (Search engine marketing).


Why Use Search Engine Optimisation?


SEO is an inbound marketing technique that is much more targeted than various more aggressive form of outbound marketing such as email marketing or social media. It is a practice of increasing quality and quantity of traffic to the desired website through organic search engine results. A correctly optimised website results in a better presence on the search engine. This behaviour brings more visitors and more interested people, finally leading to more leads & sales.


Do You Offer Bespoke SEO & Web Design Services in Nottingham?


Yes, we offer both SEO and Web Design services. We can help you start a website with a solid foundation that is crucial to getting and maintaining a high ranking in search engines. Our bespoke designs offer greater control over your website using the WordPress CMS system, allowing you full control over the content and pictures on your website.


How Much Does SEO & Web Design Cost in Nottingham?


The cost of the services varies and depends on a lot of factors, but most important one is "what are you looking for?". Get in touch today and we will offer you a free quote based on your needs.


Do You Also Offer Local SEO Services in Nottingham?


Yes, we offer Local SEO services. Your business should be easy to find, easy to get in touch with and should provide full information. This approach allows us to promote your local listings which will have a huge impact on local search rankings.


What is PPC marketing & is it something you offer in Nottingham?


Yes, we do offer this kind of service. PPC (pay-per-click) is a model of online marketing that requires an advertiser paying each time one of their ads is clicked. This kind of marketing involves researching and selecting keywords and then organising them into campaigns and ad groups. However, a lot of businesses do not have the time to manage their PPC account or simply do not understand the dynamics behind it and often lose money by not setting it up correctly.


In spite of all statistics and optimising models, you are the master of your website and owner of your business, you decide what is the best for improving your business in the search engine results. This is the time to step to the next level, to discover new things and solutions to getting better and better results.


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