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Search Focus web design is more in depth which requires our brand development company to get in touch with businesses in Rossendale to have a look at your business and come up with a web design that will increase sales by communicating the right message to your target audience in Rossendale. Your website is your shop window to your online audience so if you have nothing in your shop window or if it doesn’t look clean and professional then you could be losing valuable business.

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If you know the price of SEO in Rossendale or PPC (Pay Per Click) you will know that this is a fantastic offer as Google now accounts for 90% of online enquiries and about a billion enquiries a day go through Google.

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If you would like a larger radius we have price plans for that and if you operate nationwide, we can offer national phrases at a manageable price, please ask us for a quote. At the end of each month you will receive a report from us, this report will show you how your phrases are performing.

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