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search engine optimisation, commonly known as a white hat SEO services, follows all the guidelines, terms, and conditions set forth by the search engines.

Our methods are visible to humans. Therefore, the quality of the work can be seen straight away, both by the client and by peers of the practitioner. SEO practises are designed to be hidden from humans, the quality of the work produced by the practitioner is also hidden to humans.

But for every SEO technique, there is a Black Hat technique for simulating it. While webmasters follow methods to promote their website by writing articles that help one understand various topics that often turn out to rank well for the relevant keywords, the SEO experts write software to generate thousands of grammatically correct yet meaningless articles filled with keywords carefully chosen to draw search engine traffic and yield maximum ad revenue. While hard working webmasters depend on others to recommend their writing by linking from articles, the Black Hats operate link farms, thousands of pages all linking to the single site they wish to promote.

In common usage SEO seeks to achieve high rankings in search engines by any means possible, whereas SEO seek to code web pages in a way that is friendly to search engines. We at Affordable SEO are SEO experts who view search engines as friends and can help you get business. We have listed some search engine spam techniques used by search engine spammers and some webmasters to trick search engines.

A clean, well-written code, good content and well-organised websites are some SEO methods we adopt while promoting your site.

White Hat Search Engine Optimisation goes beyond optimising meta tags and titles, and involves search engine approved methods. Our Search Engine Optimisation services are complete and we practice what we preach.

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We adhere to deliver SEO services and assist clients in obtaining higher rankings for their web pages. Search Engine Optimisation involves the continued use of any technology or procedure that results in having the client site removed from search engine indexes or directories. While using quality practices, it is unlikely that your site will ever be banned from search engine listings and will cause long-term benefits. We believe that SEO provides a better long term ROI than does black hat or SEO.

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