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Supercharge your WordPress SEO with these Plugins

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WordPress is used by 24.1% of all websites currently available. Out of the 644 million active websites on the Internet (according to Netcraft), that brings the total to around 155 million websites using WordPress. If you have a WordPress site and have integrated no SEO tools into it, you may lose your website in the sea of the millions of other websites created using WordPress. Here are 5 of the more popular SEO plugins for your WordPress site.

Maximise your site’s visibility by incorporating these SEO tools into your site



SEOPressor is the flagship product of, a Canadian-based software company dedicated to providing affordable and easy-to-use tools to help businesses optimize their websites and blogs for search engines. It was developed by a team of professional web developers, SEO experts and software engineers who have been working with SEO since 2004.

The best thing about SEOPressor is that it’s very easy to use and doesn’t require any coding or technical knowledge at all. The keyword density analyzer in SEOPressor makes it really easy to find out if there are any issues with using too many keywords on your page, or whether you need to add more of them.

Keyword research is another important feature that comes with SEOPressor – you can do a comprehensive analysis of your current website’s keywords, then find new ones that will help you rank higher in search engines and drive more traffic.

SEOPressor allows you to drag and drop keywords directly into your content with the click of a mouse. This function pairs with the plugin’s ability to research keywords and rating systems. For example, if you use the plugin and find that your site’s headers are in the lower 30 out of 100 ratings, you can type in keywords that may be better suited for the title. Then, once you have a header in the top percentile, you can insert the keyword directly into your content by clicking.

The plugin boasts LSI Keywords, Advanced on-page SEO, Social Media integration, Rich Snippet functionality, and Automatic Smart Linking capabilities. In addition, you can purchase SEOPressor for a $497 one-time fee or $5 monthly.

All in One SEO Pack


All in One SEO Pack is a WordPress SEO plugin to automatically optimise your blog for Search Engines such as Google. It automatically creates Meta tags, Social Bookmarks, OpenSocial meta tags, Robots meta tags and XFN links. This is especially helpful for business owners who do not understand the intricacies of SEO or those who do not have the time to perform these SEO options manually.

All in One SEO Pack Features:

  • SEO Friendly Meta Tags – Create SEO friendly meta tags dynamically on the fly by inserting your keyword into the title, description, and SEO friendly content.
  • Social Bookmarks – Easily create and manage social bookmarking links for your blog posts. Set up multiple accounts with one click!
  • Opensocial Meta Tags – Automatically generate OpenSocial meta tags on each page of your blog or website. You can also specify your own custom attributes for any specific post or page.
  • Robots Meta Tags – Add robots meta tags to each page of your blog or website that will tell the search engines how they should index this page in their search results (like index, follow).

All in One SEO Pack makes it easy to optimize your site by adding a fully customizable XML Sitemap generator that helps search engines find new pages on your site. The plugin can also find broken links on your site (404 errors) and even notify you via email when they are found so that you can fix them immediately.

The All in One SEO pack also offers SEO support for eCommerce WordPress sites by checking for duplicate content and reporting problems, which are typical in eCommerce sites. You can have the free version with some features available or pay $39 for the SEO Pack Pro.

WP Social

WP Social is a powerful social media marketing plugin for WordPress. It allows you to display your latest tweets, Facebook posts, Google+ posts and more on your website.

WP Social offers a wide array of features and settings to give you complete control over how your content is displayed on your website. You can choose which social media accounts will be used, customise the layout, colours and fonts, add images or videos to posts and much more.

Using social media in the world is ever-growing. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have all contemplated using a social signal algorithm within SERP ratings. This, paired with the mobile-friendly update, is enough to affect the overall SEO of any site. WP Social offers Facebook sharing options, open graphs, Twitter, Google and microdata.

WP Social also allows you to create content-rich snippets to increase your site’s SEO further. With the WP Social widget you can easily display your latest posts on your website or blog with a single shortcode. The plugin has been tested on all devices including tablets and mobile phones.

SEO Friendly Images

For your images to have any merit on your SEO, you must ensure that they have all the data added. The SEO Friendly Images plugin automatically adds ALT and Title attributes to your images using either the descriptions you have in place or by generating ALT and TITLE attributes based upon the plugin’s configurations.

If your images have alternative text and title attributes, it will slightly boost our SEO because Google now has a way of reading what the picture describes. Photos which do not have any data are not read by search engines. So if they cannot find your product because your images have not had ALT or TITLE attributes added, then you may use this plugin.

Google Site Map

Where keywords, video, images, and social integration are a large part of your SEO, it is all for nothing if the search engine cannot find your site. The Google Site map plugin creates a site map of all the pages within your WordPress site. We can then deliver the information to both Google and Bing to help with your SEO ratings.

Currently, the free version only offers the sitemap to be integrated within google and Bing. However, the sitemap plugin allows you to upgrade to a pro version, changing the XML sitemap parameters and excluding certain pages or posts. That you can access the XML also implies that you can integrate the map into your local hosting (if applicable).

SEO plugins for your WordPress web design are a free and effective way to increase the traffic flow to your site. However, eCommerce and business sites would do well to spend the few pounds/dollars that the professional versions of these plugins offer to get the full features and maximise the SEO functionality. These are but 5 of the many plugins available to help boost your SEO. To find more plugins, visit the WordPress Plugin site. Optimising your WordPress site with effective SEO services that match the needs of your business, eCommerce site, or blog will quickly improve your ranking.

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